Rupert Huber

Irvine Project: Artistic Explorations

The Irvine is a new type of electronic musical instrument created by inventor Andy Cavatorta, musician and producer Tom Huber and the AVL Cultural Foundation in 2017. Uniquely constructed around gallium phosphate crystals, which are used for measurements in engines, this analog synthesizer has written a piece of musical history.

Since being invented, the instrument has undergone continuous improvements – in terms of technology, software and optics. By including musical talents, the Irvine project has now entered a new phase of development. It aims at experimenting with the unique sound of the Irvine and exploring further areas of application. The phase of artistic experimentation was initiated by composer and musician Rupert Huber: Huber not only emphasizes the broad musical spectrum of the instrument but also demonstrates the many different possible applications. Furthermore, he developed a notation for the Irvine instrument. Another element in this new phase is the “Artists in Residence” program, in which artists explore the instrument’s full potential.

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