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Planet Ozean


Seaweed sways calmly back and forth in the kelp forest, schools of fish glide elegantly through the waves, humpback whales approach in the background and soon attract everyone’s attention: “Die Welle” (The Wave), developed by Ars Electronica Solutions and Rupert Huber, is the highlight of the new “Planet Ozean” exhibition at the Gasometer Oberhausen. Lifelike animations on a projection surface of more than 1,200 square meters invite visitors to take an immersive dive into the underwater world.
„Die Welle“: Lifelike animations and new perspectives

The projection screen for the deep-sea animations consists of two parts: A vertical, 40-meter-high projection surface and an adjoining horizontal screen that is translucent. Both surfaces are projected by a total of seven installation projectors from different perspectives – and create a special viewing experience with a resolution of 60 million pixels depending on the position in the room.

Only staged and animated scenes are shown, which are the result of creative processes; no documentary material. When visitors move under the horizontal screen (“Gaze”), they are immersed in the ocean and even have the opportunity to interact with specific content. Ars Electronica Solutions was responsible for the artistic direction of the concept and implementation in close collaboration with Nils Sparwasser,the consulting curator of the “Planet Ocean” exhibition and Rupert Huber for the music.
Sound concept for the highest exhibition hall in Europe

It is not only the visual language that makes “Die Welle” (The Wave) special, but also its embedding in the industrial architecture of the Gasometer Oberhausen, the highest exhibition hall in Europe. Ars Electronica Solutions made use of the unique conditions of the storage facility: the impression is created that the surface of the sea merges seamlessly into the ceiling structure of the room. Parallel to the visual spectacle, new compositions by Rupert Huber create an immersive sound concept.

“Planet Ocean” is a permanent exhibition and can be visited in the Gasometer Oberhausen until December 30, 2024.

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Foto: Ars Electronica Solutions