Rupert Huber

Composer, Music Artist, Musician. Born 1967.
Based in Vienna, Austria, works internationally

Rupert Huber is a composer, who is best known for his social music installations, his electronic music project TOSCA and his piano music.

For Huber, music is communication and an active state of peace.

His music is characterized by its creative fusion of traditional and modern elements, appealing to a wide audience. His compositions often reflect deep contemplation on human experiences and the relationship with nature and deal with social polyphony: tonal sequences, melodies that become contrapuntal harmony movements when several individuals come together.

Huber ‘s innovative approaches and quest for new means of expression make him a significant figure in the contemporary music scene.

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"Rupert Huber is a composer who is best known for his piano music and music installations. He has been travelling the world with his electronic music project TOSCA, for the last 25 years. Numerous collaborations with Ars Electronica have made him well known in the realm of Media Art. For Huber, music is communication, as well as an active state of peace.  His theory of composing, called dimensional music, considers physical space and unknown possibilities to create social and participatory music architecture."

born 1967 Mödling/Vienna, Austria, Europe

Music by Rupert Huber is organized structures, sounds and tones for multiple known and unknown real and electronic spaces: Dimensional Music.

Rupert Huber is a co- founder of the Vienna electronic sound and his project.

TOSCA, with production partner Richard Dorfmeister, is one of the most successful acts in this genre (over 1 million CDs sold, streams over 500 Million) Because of it´s wide popularity, TOSCA´s music is used in many movies (Netflix series "altered carbon" starting in February 2020). TOSCA has played live shows all over the world including the famous Coachella Festival.

Rupert Huber has been collaborating with the ARS ELECTRONICA in many projects since 1995. Their common projects include world wide music interaction and live music combined pieces ("Radiotopia", 2002) as well as interactive music installations ("Building Bridges", for SAP, "Walking Music" for Erste Bank).

He was representing Austria at the Expo 2020 in Dubai with 3 music installations of his format "social Music".

Rupert Huber´s spatial and installation work like Turmgesang, Building Bridges, Airport Soundscapes focuses on the thematic of the communication possibilities within a given space, the people there and the sound of the very site itself.

His music integrates the sonification of given data such as airport soundscapes or building bridges and includes telematic performances, events and concerts near the distance 2 as well as combined live/radio/webprojects darb-i fetih.

Huber’s written music (primarily for piano) explores the architecture of sound by describing a process and a space. He connects this approach of generating scores to his technique of creating objects (paintings, sculptures), distilling the essence of written music into tangible form. teardrops and 4.1.

His music activities range from commissioned compositions (Wiener Festwochen, Centre Pompidou, Ars Electronica Festival) to film soundtracks (Food Design, Freud’s Lost Neighbors: Berggasse 19), TV (C.S.I. Miami, Sex and the City), radio (ORF, Deutschlandradio) and beyond.

Rupert Huber studied composition in Vienna. He is an alumnus of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin residency (1997), was a member of the jury of the Prix Ars Electronica (2007, 2009) and nominated for the World Technology Award in 2010.

1995-present telematic music compositions: collective, sound-based real time sonic dialogue between real spaces and human encounters: SOCIAL MUSIC

1994-present   co-founder of the Vienna Electronic Sound: Ambient, Groove, Sound Art combined in an ongoing collaboration with Richard Dorfmeister under the name TOSCA

1995-present   music architecture installations: transformation of given sound into space;symbiosis of sound art and interactive music: the room itself is the score that is played by the visitors

2000-present   enhanced piano music: live concerts for grand piano and up to 24 channel live electronics triggered by the velocitiy of piano playing

1995-present:radio and sound art in radio compositions and live broadcast

1998-present: international lectures and discussions combined with concerts (Princeton University)

1996-present score for films ("Tracking Edith", "Sex and the City", "C.S.I. Miami")

Rupert Huber is interested in communication with other artists and has worked with, among others.: Michael Nyman, Bill Fontana, Alexander Balanescu, Alvin Curran,Richard Dorfmeister, Scanner, Christian Steinhäuser, Gabriel Orozco,Chris Eckman, Antye Greie, Angela Davis, John Zorn, August Black,Markus Hinterhäuser, Markus Poschner, Sam Auinger, Roberto Paci Dalo,Eva Petric, Lila Chitayat, Julien Brocal, Franz Hautzinger, Anna Clementi, Wolfgang Mitterer, Maria Petrova, Earl Zinger, Sarah Carlier, Gerfried Stocker, Lukas Ligeti, Radio KCRW Los Angeles, ORF -Austrian Broadcasting Company, Deutschlandradio, Bruckner Orchester, Wiener Symphoniker, Ars Bioarcitca, SAP, Avl Cultural Foundation.